Full Text: Cannabis Acceptance and Nuisance Avoidance Act

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What does this law allow?

Dispensaries, Distributors, Delivery services, Indoor Cultivation, Manufacturing, and all aspects of the cannabis industry except outdoor cultivation.

Will I be able to grow cannabis?

As long as you are an adult 21+ or have a valid recommendation then yes, you may grow inside an occupied home or greenhouse.

This law does not prevents landlord from prohibiting cannabis grows for adults.

How many plants could citizens grow?

Adults 21+ could grow 6 per household. Medicinal grows could have 12 per patient. All growing would need to be indoors or in a greenhouse. The city could abate anyone breaking other building codes, like by running 15 extension cords to your grow room for one outlet etc.

Landlords could ban adult grows.

What's the cost to the city?

The City of Red Bluff will see net gains of 100’s of thousands almost immediately. Massive tax benefits from retail sales alone will ensure the City has literally no burden.

How do we know its safe?

Over a decade of research from multiple areas of the country and state confirm that cannabis has little to no negative effect on its surrounding communities. In addition several state agencies regulate commercial cannabis, and the city may as well. Commercial cannabis is the most highly regulated consumable substance in the State.

What is being done to ensure youth safety?

Youth safety is a high priority for this law. It contains language that ensures the City gets access to massive multi-million dollar grants that can be used for all types of youth programs. (All 5 City Council Members are completely against the youth programs and demanded its removal) It also ensures cannabis businesses cannot be within a 500 foot radius of schools and youth centers.

Will this affect crime?

Sort of. The cannabis itself will have little effect on actual crime rates.

However the secondary effects like increased availability of good jobs; increased presence of secure facilities; availability of cannabis to lower Heroin and Amphetamine use; and massive, massive cuts to black market drug dealers will substantially lower the crime rates.


Will this affect the community?

Yes, because this law pushes for local ownership and involvement, the community can expect to see a massive increase in sponsored Non-Cannabis events and programs.

Community programs of all types and frequencies can be expected to increase immediately.

Who wrote this?

Cody Strock, Director of Revive Red Bluff, is the author and proponent of this ordinance.

How do people feel about Cannabis?

Red bluff has an 84% approval rating for legal cannabis. 15% remain undecided or need more information. 1% are opposed.

Red Bluff voters approved Prop 64 in 2016 by a 51% margin. The City chose to ban cannabis anyways with Clay Parker and Richard Crabtree leading the charge and maintaining the ban.